Shoulder Pain Relief Or Your Money Back.

Get back to a life you deserve to live pain free.  Daily tasks like reaching up into a kitchen cabinet, participating in your favorite activities and sports, playing with your children or grandchildren.  Simple pleasures you deserve to experience WITHOUT SHOULDER PAIN.  

Search for 'shoulder pain' and you will see hundreds of 'braces' to wear that all look very similar.  But we know that immobilizing a joint can actually make the surrounding muscles weaker.  You need to strengthen the muscles and increase blood flow to heal the area, not weaken it. 

Our easy to use exercise system strengthens your shoulder in 5 minutes during the day and the soft fabric ROTATORELIEVER brace provides mild traction to increase blood flow to the area at night while you sleep.  The two steps combine for amazing results, proven with research.

Our Rotatoreliever, pronounced Rotator Reliever, has been proven effective for the relief of most types of shoulder pain.  

Spend less than 5 minutes watching this video to change your life